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Sing a New Song

by Roger Lehman on October 5, 2018


I  woke from a dream last night at 3:33 AM. In the dream a friend of mine was standing before me with a sad face holding a very small strip of siding. Instantly I knew that his house had no siding on it. All he had left was this small strip in his hand. It was not protected from the wind, rain, and elements. He didn't know what to do about it and was very worried. Then I began to pray fervently for our people to experience more of God's love. I knew that it was critical. They needed the revelation and tangible experience of His great love. End of dream.

So I was moved to look up Psalms 33:3, a scripture that I was meditating on the day before. Here David is saying, "Compose new melodies that release new praises to the Lord". 

We experience more and more of His love as we express our praise and thanksgiving to Him in new creative ways. Let's write new songs and make new sounds and worship Him with all that is within us. I believe that as we enter into this new season of awakening, new revelations of His great love will come to us during our times of worship. New dimensions of praise and worship will open up. His love will make us very secure, confident and brave. I see that during our times of worship, depression, fears, and all sorts of mental illness will be driven off the people of God. 

1 It’s time to sing and shout for joy!
Go ahead, all you redeemed ones, do it!
Praise him with all you have,
for praise looks lovely on the lips of God’s lovers.
2 Play the guitar as you lift your praises loaded with thanksgiving.
Sing and make joyous music with all you’ve got inside.
3 Compose new melodies that release new praises to the Lord.
Play his praises on instruments
with the anointing and skill he gives you.
Sing and shout with passion; make a spectacular sound of joy
4 For God’s Word is something to sing about!
He is true to his promises, his word can be trusted,
and everything he does is reliable and right (Psa. 33:1-4 TPT).